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National Lawyers Campaign for Judicial Transparency and Reforms, an Introduction:

Painstakingly conceived and nurtured by its President, Mr. Mathews J. Nedumpara, Advocate, this powerful body of learned men and women, is a nationwide campaign for preserving and protecting the Judiciary from the ones unduly holding on to the Chairs meant by our founding fathers to be occupied by men and women of impeccable integrity.

Article 51-A(a), (b), (c), (h),(i) and (j) of the Constitution of India mandates the Citizen to Protect the Constitution, sovereignty and integrity by resorting to the procedure taught by our freedom fighters, to develop spirit of inquiry and Reforms, to safeguard public property (Judiciary is a public property), and strive individually and collectively so that nation rises to higher levels of endeavour and achievement.

Rule 1 of the code of professional ethics of Advocates, mandates Advocates to take action against errant Judicial officers.

Hence, this bounden duty towards the Nation.


  1. Abolition of the opaque Collegium system of appointing Judges, that has hitherto promoted nepotism as the appointments are given to legal heirs, juniors and friends of sitting judges, and usher in a transparent sytem of Appointment of Judges by open publication;
  2. Implementation of Live audio-video recording of Judicial process;
  3. Stopping the misuse of the Law of Contempt of Courts.

This is a Citizens’ movement, every citizen, lawyer or not, is a member of this campaign.

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