Executive committee meeting 28th of February, 2018


The Executive committee meeting of the National Lawyers Campaign, Chaired by its President Shri Mathews J Nedumpara, at its office today, the 28th of February, 2018,  took stock of the controversy arising from the rescheduling of the roster of the Hon’ble high court of Judicature at Bombay by the Hon’ble Mrs. V.k Tahilramani, the acting Chief Justice, in the light of the discussion the office bearers of the NLC had with the Registrar General, the Prothonotary and other officers of the Court and the Members of the Bar. On the face of it, the rescheduling of the roster is part of the exercises undertaken at frequent intervals in the interest of transparency and probity, and nothing could be faulted about it. Since, Hon’ble Mrs. Justice Revati Mohite-Dere was hearing the Revision Petition instituted in challenge of the discharge of the accused in the Sohrabuddin fake encounter case involving Shri Amit Shah the President of the BJP, an exercise which is otherwise routine and desirable has invited a great amount of criticism, nay, many an eyebrows being raised. The NLC does not consider anything amiss in the exercise of the re-shuffling of the roster at the hands of the Hon’ble Acting Chief Justice. What is gratifying is, the increasing awareness and concern the common man, the litigant public and the lawyers have in the affairs of the judiciary, the third pillar of our democratic edifice. The NLC would not have issued this press release but for queries from the press, members of the NLC and the public at large, who are curious about its stand on this issue, which is certainly vital and germane.