Pray for our country


Except a few, very few, all the SC and HC judges owe their office to their families and connections. Office of the Judges , so too “Sr.designation” are inheritance. Except a few nice souls, the majority think they are Kings and carry blue blood on their veins. Arrogance and pride is their hallmark. Now, like Kings they rule the country through “Suo motu” proceedings where they are the actor( plaintiff) and judex ( judge), both at once. Hypocrites like Dushant Dave and Prashant Bhushan by clamoring for “suo motu” action has been giving legitimacy for the naked violation of the constitution by the judges. What a shame!Who will tell the judges that their job is to adjudicate “lis” and the usurpation of the province of the executive and legislature is totally impermissible. Our AG and SG , both, have abdicated their constitutional duty to tell the judges that the “suo motu” proceedings which of late has become a regular feature is totally unacceptable. Can we expect that from our venerable Venugopal, Attorney General? He was there lending support to Gogoi when he initiated a “Suo Motu” proceedings to declare that he is innocent and that the lady who had accused him of sexual harassment is guilty of undermining the “independence of judiciary”. Can we expect anything better from Tushar Mehta, SG who “bows down” before the judges at every suggestion from their mouths?

What a shame!

Friends, pray for country!