Progeny Judges’ Chart- Supreme Court of India


The truth of the Indian judiciary has long been hidden from the public domain. The contempt jurisdiction was used as a tool to prevent the people of this country coming to know what truly is our judiciary. Everything was shrouded in mystery. No critical comments are permitted. It remained to be an absolutely opaque, non transparent institution.

I can in all humility assert that we initiated the movement of transparency by campaigning for video recording of court proceedings, telling the world that when the judges usurped to themselves the power of appointment, they only appointed their kith and kin. The legal profession is entirely a monopoly of few families. People like Nariman, nay, almost all without exception shamelessly and blatantly indulged in the promotion of their progenies. Dr. L M Singhvi got his son Abhishek Singhvi anointed as senior advocate at the age of 34. Nariman too got his son anointed as senior advocate at the age of 37. So did K. K Venugopal. The list is long.It is difficult to find one single soul who did not indulge in nepotism and favoritism. Nariman and his ilk are the creation of the elitist lobby. Am afraid to say I am unable to find any great intellect or virtue in them. The real genius are never allowed to blossom. They were isolated, attacked by the elitist lobby.

Look at the collegium of the Supreme Court today. Of the three senior most judges, two are the sons of former judges of the Supreme Court. We have two sons, a daughter and a nephew of former Judges of the Supreme Court as judges of the Supreme Court today. (See the attached Progeny Chart). It proves beyond doubt that the collegium has shut the doors of the less privileged sons and daughters of the common man to higher echelons of judiciary. Who are AGs/ASGs and prominent lawyers of today. They are all progenies of judges and lawyers or who enjoy great political clout. I wanted to write a little more bluntly but I refrain from doing so for obvious reasons.

*Am not against the progenies of judges and political heavy weights appointed as Chief Justices and judges of the Supreme Court and High Courts provided such appointment is based on merits, by a transparent means of selection which is not the case today. The vacancies of Judges should be notified and applications be invited, even a written test in the case of high court judges is ideal – like in the case of IAS, IFS and IPS. Then nobody will have any grievance whatsoever if the progenies compete with others eligible and are selected solely based on merits. It is so done in UK and many other countries. In our country too district judges are selected by notifying vacancies, inviting applications, test/interview, to a large extent in a transparent manner. The collegium is a fraud on the Constitution, a crafty device, misleading and fooling the people of this country*.

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