Abolish sedition and contempt of court by scandalization, both


In the 11-13th century, the monarch was not very powerful. He had to depend on barons for support. The King did not interfere in the affairs of the barons who were even allowed to run parallel governance, even courts. As time passed every crime was taken as a breach of the King’s peace and was to be tried by the courts which sat in sessions, appointed by the king. Of all the offences, sedition, namely, even expressing a wish for the death of the King, his wife or family members was considered to be sedition. Between law of contempt and sedition law of contempt which originated in the dark ages is even more unfair. While sedition cases are tried by jury/ judges  who are independent and impartial, contempt cases are heard by the very same judge who assumed the role of the prosecutor and judge both. Though there has been a lot of discourse, which certainly a pleasant and admirable thing to happen against law of sedition, there has been very little discussion in the media about the need to abolish criminal contempt which renders any criticism, even bona fide as contempt of court